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Chad Szeliga



When the well known rock band Breaking Benjamin was looking for a new drummer in 2005, Chad was so confident in his ability, that he sent in the only VHS tape as his audition (Ben Burnley had to borrow a VCR to view the tape). Chad’s drumming stood out above the rest and he was immediately hired to join the band. His infectious talent and humble attitude catapulted him into instant stardom. He stayed with the band until their hiatus in 2010.


In 2011 Chad joined LA’s Hourcast as their fill-in drummer for the Inked Magazine Tour. He played drums for their Crystal Bowersox record and also joined their 2013-2014 Bonzo Bash tour with Brian Tichy.


In September of 2011 Chad replaced Black Label Society’s drummer Mike Froedge, playing several tours with them including Gigantour.  In early 2014 Chad left BLS to join Creed’s Scott Stapp. Chad joined Scott on the road for their 2014 Proof of Life worldwide tour. He toured with them for several months. Since his gig with Scott ended, Chad has other projects in the works and continues his love of teaching kids to learn the drums via Skype.


Playing drums is more than a way to earn a living to Chad. It’s his passion. He practices 8+ hours a day, always trying to improve what most of us would consider perfection already. He has dedicated himself to not only playing the best he can for his fans, but to help other aspiring drummers learn the craft. In addition to offering drumming lessons via Skype, Chad currently has a DVD available called All Day Drumming, sponsored by the Drum Channel.


Chad loves Vic Firth drum sticks. He says,

“With this gig I wanted to actually go down a little bit and try something, kinda go back to my roots and play, you know, which is kinda close to an F1 but it’s a little bit smaller, and it’s called an AS5A…I love the beaters. It’s one of the coolest things you guys have come up with…their beaters are blowing my mind.”


Chad Szeliga has an amazing ability to perform a song while inviting you into his world. To him, it’s all about the music. It’s all about the fans. And it’s all about keeping it real.


“I want to keep writing great drum hooks,” he says.

Drumming comes from your soul. The truth is, everyone has a rhythm. It’s just each individual drummer’s flavor that makes the beat their own.”


Chad currently lives in Pennsylvania with his family.

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